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In Tim's post about "the wolf" he mentioned or quoted two or three things of interest.

First he wrote; "Alba Longa", which in my best translation might mean "great or long White", which if I remember, was the original name of the city of Memphis in Egypt, famous for its great white walls, or something to that effect.

Second he mentioned that the twins were "warrior shepards", or words to that effect. Certainly that might tend to lead one to remember that the Hyksos were called "shepard kings", or other similar words to that effect! And certainly in later times, Jesus or his disciples were called the "good shepards", or similar words, but these same shepards were also considered as "Christian Soldier's".

And thirdly, there was a mention of "the rape of the Sabine women!" Certainly we can remember the biblical problem that presented itself when the reminents of the tribe of Benjamin were allowed to "rape", the women of a neighbor, for their wives!

Should we consider that the history of ancient Rome was something of a parallel with Egypt and Israel?

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