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When you first looked east for the origin of the Maccabees it made me wonder if you had ever read these books!!! Still, your thoroughness is greatly admirable and it was inevitable that you would end up exploring southwest, to the areas where Yuya and Musa lived before joining the vanguard in Israel / Palestine (as Reuel / Rehoboam).

One of the major disconnects between OT and NT is the lack of a clearly defined chronology bridging the two, but the fact that many thought of Jesus as an Egyptian provides a great start.

The Apocryphal (especially Maccabees I and II) books and the Dead Sea Scrolls are the major repositories of this era and I believe your OT work, Eisenmann's Dead Sea Scrolls analysis, and now your together tracing of Maccabean origins to Egyptian / Hasmonean / Ashmunein / Akhetaten roots will shine a bright light on the Herodian reign and illustrate how the 18th Dynasty continues to teach us all, to this very day.

The first Aristobulus was a "wise counsellor" to a Ptolemy Pharaoh, and thus a Yuya / Joseph role. He taught in riddles / stories / parables, yet none of his work is said to have survived. Is it not possible that some of his most crucial teachings did survive, through his namesake (Aristobulus / Jeshua) carrying on these teachings, or perhaps even through zealous Apostles attributing some of these to Jesh?

Also, when Jesus / Jeshua is reported to have said, in predicting the Second Coming, "I will send you a counsellor", does anybody know the Hebrew and/or Greek translations of this passage, and if so, is there any play on words? For example, is He saying, "I will send you another Aristobulus" ??

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