The Three Wise Men (of Parthia)

It's also worth revisiting on this thread a point previously made by Tim. The presense of the three Magi from the East at the birth of Christ is surely significant. Among other things it is a clue that the Herodians were closely related to the royal family of the Parthians, and so much so that a Herodian Christ could reasonably expect to become a king of (the racially diverse) Parthia.

Within the family of Herod you have Greek names such as Antipater, Jewish names such as Joseph, and Arab names such as Phasael. This name Phasael particularly intrigues me. What is the earliest known instance of this name and what does it signify? I also think it is hilarious (in a sort of Roman satirical sense) that Christians venerate someone whose proper name was Phasael (Saul/Paul) to be a founder of their religion!