Nabateans Revisited

With a little perseverence I was able to find much more information about Petra and the Nabateans.

The popular king name Aretes not only indicates devotion to Horus/Heracles/Herod (as a sun-god) but also to Re/Ares. The popular king name Obodes indicates a devotion to Obed/Solomon. The popular king name Ra-bel/Rabbel indicates a devotion to the god Re as the deliverer "Moses".

The following links provide more evidence of association with Parthia, the Hasmoneans, and the later Herodians.


King Rabbel II, “The Deliverer”

Petra, Holy City and Burial Site

Burials of Petra and Madain Sahreha
Compare the Hasmonean burial site of "Modin/Modein"

The sun-god Ares and other gods at Petra

Religions of Petra, link to Essenes
Compare Greek -gates and Nabatean -getis
Communion Rite of Petra

Myths of Petra

Axis of Parthia, Edessa, and Petra against Crassus in 54 BC.
Nabatean king called by the Persian/Parthian name of Ariamnes.
Malichus king of Petra in 54 BC.

Liberal society and continued alliance with Parthia

Petra in the time of Judas Maccabee

Petra allied with Hasmoneans against Seleucids
Petra now part of the “Hashemite” kingdom of Jordan

Associated with Moses

Nabatean language

Associated with Nebaioth (son of Ishmael) of the Bible and the Thamud people of the Quran

Rechabite origins, lost histories

Nabatea and Edom

Archaeology of Petra

Oboda, sister city of Petra

Crusader interest in Petra