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Dear Madame,

Thank you for your kind stand for me.

I come from a moslem society. I know islamic way of prayer. I can read Arabic Quran, i dont know Arabic though.

First of all, i must say to you that, Meccan Muhammad is not real prophet , real Muhammad of Quran.

Muhammad is a word belonging to King Solomon in the Bible as well.

Quran is an all Messianic and all Davidic holy book. It confirms not only Torah and Bible but also Egypt. (OT and NT) .

Quran is a high revealation and an Egyptologist can find the themes of Egpytology in Quran whereas a Torahman and Bibleman can find Toraic and Biblical themes all in Quran.

I want to take your attention that Meccan Muhammad uses the word of Solomon King when reading Quran as the starting word.

Its Bismillahirrahmanirrahiym.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahiym is the theme of hieros gamos mythology of the world and sacred marriage of Bible.

It means in the name of Allah who is Rahman and Rahymm.

It means Allah is the holy meeting of Ra(h)Man and Ra Hymm.

"Ra(h)man (Ra Amon)" and "Rahymm" are two parts of Hierosgamos and Sacred Wedding. Rahymm means the sexual reproduction organ of a woman.

Rahman/Ra Amon is Sun God Messiah and the rahymm part is the feminine part, the Goddess, may be Moon Goddess.

The real prophet of Quran is The Messiah of Our Holy Bible and Shiloh of Torah, who will found the third temple named "templum solomonis", which is intended by LOrd David in fact. Lord of the Lords and the King of tHe Kings.

While Quran says the all seeing single eye (masonic God) is with the Messiah, and when Quran confirms it , why to deny to read Holy Quran.

Thats all right now.

Thank you and best wishes.