A criticism about forum

The Forum moderators don't allow my messages because i believe Quran is a revelation by God. (i write once a three months when i can find a relative word in terms of me)

Just shame on you. I read Ron Hughes's wonderful long paper (Hammerin out words) and wrote a very nice criticism to him , but forum didnt allow my answer to be published on the forum. At least i want my answer to be read by Ronald Hughes , the forum mods also don't allow me with private e-mailing.

Shame on you. This is not a scientific stand. I dont swear any body here. Erol Asya, who i dont like because he told me meaningless words, such a learned man even left here most probably because of your "egoist" ways. Do you see i dont say "ignorant" because my dont aim to be negative and i know people here are all learned and i come here to learn things from them. You cant stand to any different idea. I am Turkish and i am not to know many things you know. Charles Pope ! Papa ! You are not a good Pope to me, You are not a good Papa ! Change your surname and take something else...

Obey phonetical occurences :_(...

solomon !