Nabateans, Parthians, & Herodians

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This is the Nabatean king-list according to the book Petra: Jordan's Extroidinary Ancient City, by Fabio Bourbon.

Aretas (c. 168 BC)
Aretas II (115-96)
Obodas (96-86 BC)
Rabbel (c. 85)
Aretas III (86-62)
Obodas II (62-59)
Malchus (59-30)
Obodas III (30-08)
Aretas IV (08-40 AD)
Malchus II (40-70)
Rabbel II (70-106)

In the Bible the region of Petra/Reqem was settled by Orites or Horites.

The founder of the dynasty is ruling at the time of 1 Maccabees.
Malchus or Malichus is king during the reign of Herod the Great. He became an ally of Parthia against Rome. He also seems to be one and the same as another Malichus who intrigues in the court of Herod (as recorded in Josephus).

One of the common Nabatean king names is Aretes, which would have to be a local variant of Herodes/Herod (Hor) and the Parthian Orodes.

Interestingly, Orodes was the Parthian king when the Roman Triumvir Crassus was defeated by the Parthians (53 B.C). This Orodes died in 38 B.C., about the time Herod the Great took power in Judea.

The story in Josephus about the grandfather of Herod the Great being elected king of Edom/Idumea after the victory of John Hyrcanus must be propaganda. Evidently John Hyrcanus named one of his kin as governor of the region and the people smartly ratified it.

Do you think that John Hyrcanus was actually circumcised? Did he impose circumcision on the Edomites as some kind of joke?