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Charles, I do hope you may recognize that at one time, all of these figures were products of a matriarcal society! A time when all new kings or queens were born in the presence of the people to prove relationship to the Queens side! The father did not count at all! Coming from the womb of a known royal woman was the secret, and nothing else mattered. Compare it to the problem Christianity has had with the bloodline of Jesus! They tried to trace it through Joseph, but then someone seemed to have realized that Mary was a frigging Virgin, that she an old Joseph had never had sex!

They were then forced to find his royal lineage thru his mother's side! Quite a delimma they found themselves in! The had to revert to the older Matrilineal heritage to prove the so called mention of the messiah being from the lineage of David! How embarasing! But prove it they did.

Just think of the common sense it makes that royalty should be traced thru the mother, since before the use of DNA tests, the true father could be like the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin! This is probably where so much infighting began, trying to prove male reproduction and control female reproduction. Thus chastity belts, eunuchs, etc.


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