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The origins of the words "Hurrian, Horite or Horim," may be connected to the Iranian word "hara" which means mountain. This word survives in the German "hohe" which means hill. It is also thought possible that the word relates to the Sanskrit "hari," which means "golden yellow." Also it should be noted that in Sanskrit, the word for gold is "hiran," which later became "oro" in Latin.

To take this idea further, we may find that both of these words may derive from an earlier word: Orion, a place of "golden mountains" or "eternal light" where the origins of the Hurrians are to be found. And, we should note the similarity of the word "Orion" to "Iran,"

and then "Persia" to "Perseus" and "Perceval.

Not to even mention the "God of Abraham" was a Mountain god, associated with light, fire, and storms; and all the old testament connections with him occur on mountains or hills. So does the NT actually- Mount Olives, Mount Sion, Golgotha, etc.

No wonder he felt so at home in egypt.

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