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Sorry Charles, I just had to post this! Earlier I quoted these words;

" If Cain is Sion, the oft referred-to "Rock of Sion" could merely represent the seed of Cain; the stone which had fallen from Heaven, and the rock upon which the bloodline had been founded. How often have we heard the enigmatic assertion that the rock which the builder of the Temple rejected "shall be the cornerstone"? Certainly, the figure most rejected by God (Lucifer excepted) in the Old Testament was Cain. And certainly Cain was the cornerstone of a dynasty of deified kings, his name even serving as the very root word from which our modern word "king" derives. In an alternate reading of the tale of "the stone which the builder rejected", it is said that it shall serve as the capstone. Given the very real traditions of Cains purported Luciferian heritage from fallen angels, this would put a whole new spin on the well-known symbol of the illuminated eye atop the pyramid."

A "Rock" is just another way of describing an erect and hard penis! Or very simply in English a "Peter!", Ie the "rock", IE, the "petra", IE, the place to anchor the church!, Ie the Yoni!

In my opinion and in the opinion of others, an erect and hard as stone penis, was considered the "God Head!" All pillars, or Egyptian obeslisks were and still are just a substitute for an "erect penis!"

If you have any doubts, just look at or purchase the book,

"The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets",

by Barbara G. Walker!

Enlightenment and illumination are your's to enjoy!

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