Meaning of 40 years, plus *LINK*

Sen and all,

As for Sarah being 90, that's no biggie nowadays, although it was really old back then. Abe at 175? May have symbolic significance, anybody know?

Actually there may have been two small errors in my post yesterday, the first regards dividing by twelve. As some lunar calendars have 13 months, you can divide by 12 or 13 to convert to modern ages ...

As for the Temple of Amen-Ra at Thebes, I had indicated that it measured the equinox, but that was just a brain camp, as it was fully configured to shine on the High Priest's jewels at the summer solstice, which heralded the rising of the Nile.

Regarding the meaning of the 40 years, I asked Charles that very same question about 6 or 7 years ago (I had asked how Moses could have spent 40 years in Ethiopia) and he replied that it has a general meaning in the OT of "a long time", the other context being 40 lunar years, what we call months, so that would be 3.3 years.

Props to Charles for all these NT revelations, when he stated some years ago that that was where he was headed next, I wasn't sure there'd be enough clues, but it's all coming together now.

Is there anyone else out there who believes that Jeshua in the NT may be a composite of Salome's Aristobulus and one or two of his namesake's, for example, the Aristobulus who used allegories (eg. parables??) to teach Pharaoh Ptolemy the secrets of life?