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Your posts made me do a little more searching and in the book, "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", I found the following on page 278, while the aughtors were discussing Jewish place names found in France;

"And the mountain of Sion in Lorraine--'la colline inspiree'-- was originally called Mount Semita." While there seems to exist some reason to argue that Semita, was really connected to the word Semite, or Shemite, the authors do say that the latin meaning of semita is "path" or "way!" So, in reality there is not much difference, since the NT states "narrow is the way / path" But, here they are discussing Sion in Lorrain, and not the Sion I have mentioned. There Sion is connected to the Cross of Lorraine. See;

Where it is said, in part; "The word Asion, however, is very likely what is known as a patronym. The patronym is simply a name indicating an individual’s descent, or patrimony. They were very common in ancient times, and in numerous cultures. For instance, "Ailu" means simply, "son of Ilu"; "Amuru", means "son of Muru", and so on. Patronyms were most often used by kings and the aristocracy. Assuming Asion to be such a word, the three words encoded in the cross would produce the sentence: "Praise be to Enoch, son of Sion."

Of course, we know that Enoch was the son of Cain. Could it be that Cain is the true esoteric meaning of "Sion"? If so, it would make sense. After all, Cain would have been the figure from which the Grail bloodline descended. (See this author’s article, Lucifer’s Children: The Descendants of Cain in Dagobert‘s Revenge Vol. 4#1.) The pronunciation of many ancient words varied widely from time to time and place to place. The goddess Kybele, for instance, was later known as Cybele. The "C" in Cain can be pronounced with a hard "K" sound , or a soft "S" sound. And in fact, the word that served as the basis of "scion" was originally spelled cian, but was pronounced with the "S" sound. In another culture it was spelled cihan and also pronounced the same.

Sion could very well be an esoteric title for Cain, and the phrase we’ve decoded - "Praise be to Enoch, son of Cain" - seems to have a sense of internal logic to it. Cain would necessarily have been an important figure to his descendants, who, due to his less-than-auspicious depiction in the Old Testament, may have been preserved in their tradition, camouflaged beneath a code name. Sion constitutes the axis about which the Grail mystery revolves, yet remains the tradition’s most sub rosa aspect. If Cain is Sion, the oft referred-to "Rock of Sion" could merely represent the seed of Cain; the stone which had fallen from Heaven, and the rock upon which the bloodline had been founded. How often have we heard the enigmatic assertion that the rock which the builder of the Temple rejected "shall be the cornerstone"? Certainly, the figure most rejected by God (Lucifer excepted) in the Old Testament was Cain. And certainly Cain was the cornerstone of a dynasty of deified kings, his name even serving as the very root word from which our modern word "king" derives. In an alternate reading of the tale of "the stone which the builder rejected", it is said that it shall serve as the capstone. Given the very real traditions of Cain’s purported Luciferian heritage from fallen angels, this would put a whole new spin on the well-known symbol of the illuminated eye atop the pyramid."

This Sion is described as; "The hill of Sion-Vaudémont, located 20 km south of Nancy, is the most important symbol of Lorrain patriotism. The hill has the shape of a horseshoe and is therefore considered as a good omen. In the Middle-Ages, the hill was a place of prayer for the Crusaders, and received the name of Zion (in French, Sion). It is said that René de Vaudémont defeated Charles le Téméraire under the banner of Notre-Dame de Sion."

Photos of this Sion can be found at;

Since this is way off topic I will no post about this again until there is some other connection to Charles work.


Ron Hughes

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