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Actually, I should be a little clearer about "my" interpretation.

In plain english:

birds=10 tribes
Birds Migrate.
I think the the "language of the birds" to be the that of the 10 tribes of the diaspora, and how they can be traced using language.
One significance being the possibility that we may be able to deconstruct, using this "language", who the actual historical New Testament characters were. That's why I'm here. Another significance being where they are now (i.e.: Manassah= USA, Ephraim = Brittain, Reuben= France) but lets not go there,as I'm desperately trying to stay on topic.

My reference to Thoth, is that the Royal Language of Egypt, Through Moses, became the Gnostic language of the tribes.

Specific to boudet and topical to this forum, I believe the code, and the secret, bOth lead to the same place: Namely that he knew that the New Testament characters were false. i think he did exactly what we are doing now- deconstructing the language of the names (of the "birds"= tribes) to figure out who jesus really was (or wasn't).

I think Boudet thought he had it figured out and left a code. Just like the one in the previous paragraph.

I also think many others left codes, all leading to the very topic that we're discussing. I know it's very topical right now, but if it makes you feel better, I was doing it before it was popular ;)

Furthermore, I live in an area that is chock full of Runic and Phoenician inscriptions (where they're not supposed to be), and the only iconography that we find is of birds. Fascinating? Yes.

Love those links you gave!

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