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I've always been interested in Rennes Le Chateau. It's at the intersection of so many different themes in esoterica and history. As you probably know, there's something there, but it has always defeated my ability to grasp it. If you haven't already, I encourage you to investigate it, and there is plenty out there. I'm sure somebody will come up with some treasure or something, but I'm satisfied with Henri Boudet's book- "The Vraie Langue Celtique."

The thesis of the book is that phonetics transcend languages, and he makes a list of correspondences of phonemes that have similar meanings in multiple languages. Frankly, alot of it is pure bunkum. But one thing that comes through quite clearly is that he thought of English as the key language i.e.: English has evolved using loan words and phonemes that make the "language of the birds" decipherable.

Allow me to suggest starting here:

After which, you may completely blow your mind here:

I have no contact, do not support, receive any benefit, or endorse anything about these domains, but the pages cited are in my opinion fascinating and they are free.

Do you remember Thoth's symbol in the Egyptian pantheon? I'm sure you do.

Thanks to Charles and his original work relating to a later typecast of that myth-Hermes Trismegistus, I realized that the "code", if you can call it that, made the jump to the western languages from there. It's always been one myth.

Unfortunately, once you "get" this, you're infected with the "bird flu", cured only by staring at paintings by Teniers and Poussin!

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