The hammer and the sickle
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I think that you have hit upon alot there.

I think this is what is meant by Languedoc
-"the language of the birds"-
i.e.: those who migrate- the semitic diaspora, the 10 tribes.

It's not a language, but rather a system of substitution and decryption, that works for almost any language. The trinity of understanding it is Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. Much of my work on masonic and templar connections deals with this, but as yet, I have not presented it here.

If we could come up with some solid identifications within some of these themes, this could be groundbreaking scholarship. We owe it to Charles to keep it within the context of Herodian typecasting for now.

I know it's not my place to criticize (so don't get mad Charles), but I wish this were a "v.bulletin" style message board, where we could take some of these "off topic" style discussions further by having forum categories and perhaps have a search function. I will be happy to volunteer/contribute $ or whatever.

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