Re: Archbishop Usher
In Response To: Archbishop Usher ()

He determined that our planet was created 4,004 years before the Birth of Christ, on the 26th of October, at 9 o'clock in the morning.

Every time I read the above I want to laugh! The arrogance of many of those of the past upon which some people place their faith in dates is amazing. Heck, I suppose he rested for the 9:00 coffee break?

But even dates now accepted as correct, such as much of our history as reported by Scaliger, and Petavius, etc., were originally prefaced in the same manner, thus "such and such occured on a wendesday at 4:00 PM, on a sunny day?", etc. LOL Yet these descriptive words are ignored today and eliminated in discussion of the dates they previously obtained. Today they are for the most part considered as gospell.

So, in my opinion, if you like the dating obtained by the reverand Bishop Usher, you got to accept the dates provided by men of the cloth like Scaliger, etc.

As many of these so called ancient accounts happen, first there is a demand for ancient texts, plays, histories, etc., second, some men reportedly send out search parties to find these ancient documents. Thirdly, men send reports that they have found them, hidden away in abandoned sites, many times on the North Sea, in abandoned abbeys, etc., and these documents or the originals of Seneca, or Tactius, etc., but they are in such bad condition that a translation or copy must be made on the spot, since they are too fragile to be transported. Fourthy, men spend months getting the documents or copies of them to the buyer. Fifth, the documents are delivered and money changes hands. The rest, as they say, is history. I many cases these ancient documents are found in the libraries or store rooms of monastaries, etc., where they have been protected by the Monks, or priests, etc., even though there had been numerous papal oriders given to destroy all items like them in the past.

The question is, "Would you buy a used car from these men?" Well, it seems we may have purchased a lot of our history from them.