7th Day equals 3rd Day
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My friend,

Charles and others can explain the astronomical reasoning behind the dates, but here is some exegesis on this 4000BC date for earth's "creation":

A) If you take 1,000 years to be one "day" in the divine scheme of things, then Jah created Our earth in 6 days (eg, 4000BC to 2000AD), and rested on the seventh. This means that the creation is coming to completion, and over the next 1,000 years we are on our own.

B) Again accept that 1,000 years is one divine day; Jeshua rested for two days, then rose again on the 3rd Day. This means that the millennium of peace (est 2008 - 3008AD) could be closer than many imagine.

Peace and Blessings,

Yuya Joe

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