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Well andrew why dont you do this...contribute to the forum by teaching us heiroglyph I think that would be COOL! Give us a "heiroglyph for dummys" intro of words etc. So we can figure this whole thing out in a peaceful, respectful, ADULT manner. This is a free country(USA) and a free website to post on the forum and everyone is entitled to their opinion and Mr. Pope has SAID that he wants EVERYONE to work with him in developing his model which OBVIOUSLY means that everyone is not going to agree and I'm certain he knows that. BUT if you just come in here and say Abraham is Amenemhet and THATS IT and then not give a testimony and reason and then taunt and be unresponsive to the disputing of your claim then that would count as being COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. So relax have a chill pill and teach us some of this heiroglyph wisdom and if you have a problem with Mr. Pope's model just give the reasoning behind it...I mean shucks I still know/think the first nimrod is sahure (