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Hi Tim!

Well, as I wrote in an earlier post, the stars themselves are quite silent. I think its important to recognize that the Christian Gospel reading (like the Judaic reading) of the stars, as advocated by people like Bullinger and, for example, Frances Rolleston, is in no way the original one but one that has evolved from a twisting of the original mythology - in a like manner that the biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden represents a distorted version of an earlier Mesopotamian myth, and so forth.

The precession of the equinoxes was very well known by the ancient star-gazers, and the symbolism associated with the zodiacal constellations seems to be of the highest antiquity. It is a reflexion of the archetypal story of life, death and rebirth as told by the eternal movements of the Sun and Moon and Stars, including the planets, in relation to the movements of the Earth.

How the story is told reflects, of course, the mind of the story-teller and the society and civilization that he or she belongs to. For example, as I wrote in a previous post, the ancient reindeer and moose hunters of arctic Scandinavia used to see a story of a great Moose Hunt up in their night sky.

Such mythologies can serve the needs of society and man, or they may be used by the ruling class for their purpose. I think the whole idea of a "Savior" is remarkably well suited to the art of political suppression and tyranny. I think it was this purpose that generated the "twisting" of the original mythos.

Of course, the study of this twisted mythology - as you put it forth here - may be very interesting in itself and may shed a lot of light on history and civilization as we know it. But I think it is well - for your own peace of mind - to recognize that it is a twisted version, giving a distorted view of life and reality in line with the Judaic/Christian/Muslim view. A view that is not necessarily seen in the eternal Sky Script.