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The source of the Shepherd King link is located within the Cartouche of the Kings and is a staff that is still used to herd livestock. The staff symbol being placed in a Cartouche is the red flag. I have likened it to a question mark(?)in my own post. The capital S in Shepherd is meant to say that the Shepherd as a profession has no way of reaching nobility except in the very unusual circumstance of a Vizier becoming KING. Amenemhet I is the remarkable man that changed the course of history and the suggestion that he is Abraham is quite a leap. Just how far can you jump? It follows that if Amenemhet I is Abraham and we are now correlating the Biblical Family to the House of Amarna as Pope and Osman are doing, then we should be certain as to the identity of that which they allude to. I can see how one not understanding the meaning of the Cartouche could be misled. A very deep look at the Cartouche of Akhenaten and a comparison with the others is sufficient to discount Akhenaten as being the father of Tutankhamen. Akhenaten had six daughter's as depicted standing beneath the SOULAR DISC and one of them (Ankhesenamen) married King Tutankhamen. The British Museum has a number of King Tutankhamen objects on disply and I believe the most spectacular is the red granite Sphinx which is attributed to him. Even more amazing is that an exact duplicate has the name of King Amenhotep III. Like father, like son.

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