Twinkle twinkle little star
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Hi Tim!

Yes, to gaze at the stars is truly amazing. And, in a sense, everything is written up there. But what you read, I guess, is up to you. The stars themselves appear quite silent.

Of course, one may read the whole Gospel in the starry script. Yet another one may see something else. For example, the Sami reindeer and moose hunters of northern Scandinavia used to read about a great moose hunt in their star scriptures, with a Giant Moose up there along with several hunters and so forth.

However, in the end all star and sun and moon myths may reveal much the same archetypal patterns, since were all part of the same cosmic dance and were "all made of stars".

Astrology and Star Lore are one of my main interests, and Im quite familiar with the things you wrote here. However, Id like to hold on to the main theme of this thread: to what extent was there an early Greek influence on Judaism and its monotheism, and whether there can be recognized a definite link between the ancient Greek arcane tradition and the very composition of the Hebrew scriptures.

I think the combined Greek-Hebrew gematria mysticism of the twelve tribes associated with the high priests breastplate that I mentioned points in that direction. Take a look at it and see what you think of it.

Im not so sure our friend Charles is too fond of extensive star talk on this board of his.