Merymose and Takelot
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I think Merymose may be the Egyptian name of Takelot I. There is currently debate among Egyptologists whether he was active early in the reign of Amenhotep III or only late in that reign. The former conclusion that his campaign in Nubia was early in the reign of Amenhotep III has been challenged. However, if the former conclusion stands, then he could not also be Takelot.

The typecasting of Takelot was a Horus-Aha (Cush). His brother Osorkon was modeled after Cobra/Djoser (Mizraim). Their father Sheshonq was a type of Khasekhemwy (Ham). It was the elder son Osorkon who suceeded in producing a son by his own mother rather than the younger Takelot. That son was Sheshonq II, who was modeled after Narmer/Nimrod.