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Intersting find about the beth being feminine because i have studied that the first line is in english "in the beginning, 0, beginning" and the 0 is to be for "nuit/neith" the feminine part taken out by the jews at later time. I study masonry and i have seen the masonic codes in the bible and quran the same way when Mr. pope says the author only wants a certain group of people to see and in this instance it would be that it was indeed not the first time or beginning. Hebrew, Arabic and English all have the letter A yet no word for "b"eginning has an A in it...

"in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth"

(B')raysheth elohim bara shamayim eth eretz"

The Wonderful originators of the heavens and the earth from nought is he and when he decreeth an affair he only sayeth to it "Be" and it is.

(B)adiy'u Samaawaati wa al ard min wa etha kada ya amraan faa ne maa lahu run fayakuwn