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Maybe you will see some connection here? and here?

Words to think about!
"The dictates of "Kashrut" law have always confined Jews to living, within a proximity of salt supplies and a sense of its importance for every day living was essential to Jewish philosophy . It is not a coincidence, that down the ages, Jewish communities have always been close to salt supplies, or salt trading routes, nor is it coincidence that Jews have always been directly connected with those allied industries involving uses of salt, such as tanning and leather and many other bye-products, Not least of these, was the use of salt, sometimes, as "money" and as a means to pay tax or as a prime taxable item.

Since the Jewish literacy rate has always been high, close involvement in the collection of taxes for and on behalf of the local administrations, probably contributed greatly to anti-Semitism.

It might also be possible to correlate the resulting consistently high physiological salt intake by Jewish populations to high standards of hygiene and health, in spite of periodical famine. and also possibly to the high cultural and "thinking" reputation of these Jewish communities."

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