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Dear Helge,
Another aspect of my studies is archeoastronomy. I read your post with a big smile, as have also noted some amazing "coincidences" about the relationship between language and astronomy. In fact, it seems the constellations were so named to tell the archetypical story, and amazingly enough, both the solar tradition through the constellation names, and the lunar tradition, by which modern tradition names the stars themselves (ie: Al Nitak, Spica, Dubhe, etc) seem to be in perfect synch.

To the initiated, the Testaments are truly written in the sky.

Here's an example: Virgo the story of the Virgin

The decan which includes Virgo as the sign at the ecliptic, contains 4 major constellations, Virgo, Coma Berenices, Centaurus, and Bootes. It is centered ant about 175-190degrees RA, with Centaur at the North pole and Coma at the South Pole

Virgo: Hebrew = virgin Arabic= branch, ear of wheat/corn
Coma Berenice: Hebrew= Desired, Arabic and Greek= Woman feeding baby
Centaurus: Hebrew= Two natured Man, Carrier of the sin offering (lupus) Arabic=The despised one
Bootes: Hebrew= The herdsman, Arabic=one who rules

So we could say: The seed of the woman, the desired baby boy, a two-natured being, loved and despised, sacrifices for the despised, will come to rule.

here's a site that has pretty good backround on star lore and meanings:

It all comes together better if use the old egyptian decans (36 degrees) instead of the 30 degree divisions.

Forgive me if this is already well known to you.