The Alpha and the Omega
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Hi Charles!

I forgot the left and right directions of the writing of the two alphabets - another peculiar mirroring of the Greek and the Hebrew!

Also, I forgot to mention the astronomical/astrological symbolism of the two alphabets. Just to highlight how similar the two systems are: As you know, in the Hebrew alphabet there are 22 letters. Seven so called double letters (since they all signify two different sounds) represent the seven planets. Twelve so called simple letters represent the twelve zodiac signs, and the remaining three so called "mother letters" represent the three elements fire (Shin), air (Aleph), and water (Mem).

Likewise, in the Greek alphabet with its 24 letters, there are seven ones (in this case the seven vowels) which represent the seven astrological planets, while there are twelve consonants that represent the twelve zodiac signs. The five remaining letters represent the five elements fire (Chi), air (Phi), water (Xi), earth (Theta), and aether (Psi).

Add to this the arcane meanings of each letter along with the numerical gematria values of the different letters in both alphabets, and you have two very potent systems mirroring each other!

Just to show you how it works, lets look at the Greek word IAO (Iota, Alpha, Omega). All three letters are vowels, i.e. they are all ascribed to planetary spheres:

Iota: the sound of the Sun
Alpha: the sound of the Moon
Omega: the sound of Saturn

IAO is thus the ALPHA (the innermost planetary sphere) and the OMEGA (the outermost planetary sphere), all ruled by the Sun (Helios). IAO may also be seen as an abbreviation of the entire vocalic/planetary spectrum: Alpha, Epsilon, Eta, Iota, Omikron, Ypsilon, and Omga - all centered by the Sun (Iota).

What we have come up with here is nothing but the very Solar System we live in - which can be seen as the creator/sustainer of the Earth sphere!

Numerically, IAO is 10 (Iota) + 1 (Alpha) + 800 (Omega) = 811, which may appropriately be reduced to 8 + 1 + 1 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1. The numerical value for the entire vocalic/planetary spectrum is 1294, which is reduced to 7 - the number of vowels/planets).

Well, this may seem innocent enough, but theres a lot more to it. Strange things begin to happen when you study certain parts of scripture.

Christian believers may for example point out the description of the high priests breastplate (Exodus 28:15-30) as proof of the divine inspiration of the Scriptures. If the Hebrew names of the twelve tribes are put into the three columns and four rows of the plate in the order of birth of the sons of Jacob, then the Hebrew names of the bottom row (the "foundation stone", so to speak) together number 888, which is the gematria number of 'Iesous' in Greek!

Next row plus the first name of the third row (forming an L-shaped "cornerstone") number 1480 according to the Hebrew alphabet, which is the gematria of 'Christos', again in Greek! The three topmost names in the top row (forming the "capstone") number 755, which is the gematria of 'Jehoshua Meshiach' in Hebrew.

As if this was not enough, the two remaining names in the third row from the bottom together number 577, the gematria of "repairer of the breach" in Hebrew (Isa 58:12) - which is also the number for 'Evangelion' ("Gospel") in Greek! (Additionally this is also the gematria number of 'Agape Theou' /"Gods love"/ as well as 'Thelema Theou'/"Gods will"/).

Well, to believers, of course, this is waterproof evidence for the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. To the non-believer, however, it points to a certain Greek/Hebrew connection at the very beginning of the composition of the Hebrew scriptures.

Here is a link to the gematria of the high priests breastplate:


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