Saga of iSaaC
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Issac without vowels: S_C

Herodotus History 7-64 "The SaCae, who are Scythians, have high caps tapering to a point and stiffly upright, which they wear on their heads"

ibid 4-63 "they make no offering of pigs, nor will they keep them at all in their country:

ibid 4-5 "The Scythians themselves say that their nation is the youngest of all nations,... from their first King to the crossing of Darius into Scythia was, in all, 1000 years.(placing their movement to the Black Sea area at about 1500 bc.-the assumed new chronology exodus timeframe)

In the Amarna tablets we have the conquest of Joshua (here I mean proto Joshua) as seen from the Egyptian and Caananite point of view. How were these invaders named?- Khaberi and Saka, used more or less interchangably.

At about this time the former Black Sea tributaries were the Ister, Borysthenes, Tanais. They then changed to the DANube, the DNeister, the DNepr, the Don, and of course the DarDANelles. So the seed was clearly on the move.

in 624bc the Scythians conquered Asia Minor, Medea, Syria, Palestine, and the greater part of Assyria.

That very year is when Daniel, (of the eponymous septuagint book- and it becomes pretty clear now why he should be so named) is assumed to have been born, and after a secular education under Magi tutelage is pretty handy to Nebuchadnezzer after the Assyrians recapture their territory, when it comes to deciphering that funny writing on the wall. Gee I wonder why?

After they were driven northward, S-C's sons became what was later known as the Goths, that unknown tribe that appeared en masse out of nowhere, whose homeland was the steppes and the Black Sea
(Goth= those of the Black sea Ostragoth east of the Black sea- Visigoths west of the Black sea)
(some say they might have migrated south from places like DANmark,or other SCanDANavian countries but who really knows? What do they know- they call their history SaGa's (note G-K interchangeability in Aramaic, as well as my now tedious SarCasm)

We do know they SACked Rome and Greece, but oddly spared the great Churches and Temples like the PaRThenon ( Note P-B equivalence. Another way to say it is BaRThNoN or BR'TH in hebrew) for the most part. These sons of SAC, or Saxons, were pretty nice guys after all. After all they were noted by Herodotus as possessing an effective heavy cavalry, used long spears called lances, chain mail, and practiced what can only be called chivalry. But we heard most of the story from the Romans so... Where did they end up- oh yeah... BRiTHon as in B'nai Br'thon. The house of the covenant.

it sure is amazing. You can do it for almost all the tribes to figure out where they went. And now the DNA research is confirming it, so you don't have to be a looney to talk about it like you used to 20 years ago, when the only research on this stuff was coming out of "end times" justifications and the like, or in the 19th century for guys like Cecil Rhodes to justify a world round table govt(see Caroll Quigley).

It's still going on today- but they learned not to talk about it for what it really is. Now it's "the new world order." hah! It's dangerous to speak of it openly because it has been made politically incorrect. But as the DNA shows, it only proves that were all brothers and sisters.

Another amazing thing is that the clues have persisted through language despite the evolution of several alphabets to transmit them. Perhaps Typology goes back much much further than we realize, and tells the story of the entire human race, and "the" good book is just a typological adaptation to a local context (ie: palestine) that can't hide it's universality any more. I'm not espousing belief here, just observation.

Language is the key. Bereshite.
So fitting it is that Revelation begins as it does.