Humor and the Hoi Poloi


Guess it has always been easy to have a little sport with losers and the less fortunate. Josephus however worked hard at his prank. Good comedy is hard to write, so I'm sure it was much appreciated by the noblesse (if not by the obliged). Of course the Jews have also somehow found humor from the opposite end of the stick.

And this is not to say there is not some very serious content and history in Wars of the Jews and the Gospels. Unlike the latest reviewer of your book, Price (of the "Journal of Higher Criticism"), I don't find it incongruent that these works contained both sublime thinking and humor. The ancients were especially good at multi-level discourses.

It is hard not to approach this subject material with the utmost gravity, especially when one has devoted so much of their life to it. You seem to be keeping things in perspective. I admire that and take inspriation from it. In the end, the joke is always on us.