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Your recent posts have been so powerful. I just want to print them out and cuddle with them!

Very curious that Greek letters somehow got flipped over with respect to Hebrew ones (or vice versa). Maybe this was due to one group reading left to write rather than right to left? Or maybe some knucklehead was reading a seal used to imprint letters onto clay rather than looking at the letters directly. (Kind of reminds me of this latest style where boys wear their jeans hanging halfway down their butt. Some poor kid was wearing oversized hand-me-downs, and the next thing you know the whole world is imitating him!)

As far as Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, etc., influences on Judaism and the Bible, it isn't always possible to discern the direct source, but the general process should be fairly clear to us now. The leaders of Jews, both before and after the Babylonian Exile were part of the international ruling elite. They were "culture vultures", so to speak. They readily embraced many ethnic traditions and languages, and especially the most dominant one at any given time. They also would have tried to assimilate that leading culture into Judaism, at least as far as local Jews would tolerate. And this process continued from one era to the next.

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