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You are a very considerate person, but there is no need for you to go anywhere. Your own interests are also of direct and critical relevance to our's here. I know you are eager to discuss the part of Eisenman's book that deals with Parthia and Armenia. It is a very important element of his research and I want to fully understand and absorb it. Sounds like you have other insights that are equally exciting!

Do you think the Parthian ruling family descended from a collateral Persian line after the defeat of Darius III? Or perhaps from intermarriage of Persian and Scythian royalty. My research indicates that Persian and Scythian royalty would have already been interrelated by the Persian period anyway. We found in Part III of my on-line book that groups like the Scythians were brought into Mesopotamia under the leadership of a Mesopotamian king who assumed an ethnic name appropriate for the tribe in question. That is, outside groups were recruited in order to tip the balance in favor of one Mesopotamian king over another. There was always kinship between the rulers of the various ethnic groups in Mesopotamia. A strong case can even be made that Alexander the Great was closely related to Darius III. He just had a different ethnic "constituency".

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