Cutting Diamond with Diamond
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The Mercer College web sites states that it is a relgious-based school. I didn't dig any further to find out in exactly what way, or whether Howard is/was a member of the faculty. One of your links is to a Jehovah Witness web site and the other is a personal page from a Christian enthusiast. Is there any sign that mainstream exegetes are picking up on Howard's work? Or do they believe the issue to be settled? It certainly has bearing on recent discussions here.

If the original Gospel of Matthew did NOT include the pro-Roman verbiage and prophesy about the destruction of Jerusalem that would say a lot. If the emphasis on John the Baptist in the Hebrew version is also original and not an Ebionite revision, then that would say even more about one the so-called disciples of Jesus.

I'm presently leaning toward an identification of Josephus as the son of the Evangelist Matthew/Levi ("Matthias"). If this is true and Josephus is also a final author/editor of the Book of Matthew, then he was willing to invert even his own father's convictions to further his own self-serving agenda.

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