Non-Voters are excluded. *LINK*
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>CP: Do you have a list of alternative authors that you are including in the study?

-M: I have already mentioned a small list(Rohl, Hancock, Ellis, A.Collins, Osman, and Bouval - I do want to start with historians) so 'yes'. And this list will grow as I check their citations.

>CP: Or do you just build this as you go, and as different participants give you their "favorites"?

-M: AND I will ALSO build as I go. The algorithm REQUIRES that participants provide data. A non-voter is AUTOMATICLY excluded no matter how many votes from others that (s)he gets.

And if you request anonymity of your list, I will honor that.
You will be given a numbered code to identify yourself within the data network.

Mark, Seattle

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