the touchstone

Has anybody read George Howard's translation of Hebrew Matthew?

[Known to the rabbinical community as the Evan Bohar, and ascribed to Shem Tov (the good {holy} name), it was long dismissed as a corruption of Matthew sanitized of references to Jesus as messiah. It is also known as the Ebionite Gospel, of which only only fragments exist. To be all too brief, it denies the trinity, asserts the primacy of John, and presents many of the parables in a way in which the original contexts of Hebrew(aramaic)make alot more sense, since the puns and references do not suffer from the greek (mis)translation.]

Howard and others, however, have presented evidence of it actually being a, if not *the*, primary text. Since it is a matter of historical record (Eusebius, Jerome, etc) that Matthew first wrote in "his native tongue", then Greek, it was always assumed the content was substantially the same. But clearly, if Howard is right, they arent, and somebody other than Matthew adapted the text to Greek later. Some go so far as to say that it is Secret Mark.

Here's a page that'll start you off if this is new to you.

Just throwing it out there- it has relevance to me in my studies of Parthian and Scythian influences on the Herodian period, which I believe are underappreciated, and serve to give a greater context the complex nature of the politics of the period.

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