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Tim, I'm sorry for the comment. I was just a little taken aback myself by the previous post of yours. The general theme of late has been exploring Eisenman and then suddenly it seemed as though you were unaware of that. I can see now that you are very well versed with Eisenman, perhaps more so than myself. I'm very much amazed, considering how widely read you are, that you have during all these years been able to resist posting here until now! Please by all means continue. We promise to only laugh with you not at you.

I agree there is much more to learned about the crafty Josephus, and that we should proceed with caution. "Cautious Clay" is usually my alias, but I'm in a bit of a celebratory mood at the moment. This feels like a presidential election. It's not over, but the networks have just announced a winner from the exit polls.