Network Graphics/ community building *LINK*

>-M: My idea does not require time, nor money, nor influence. It is ready now. It requires only that a *name* such as yourself, give other *names*. Osman? Rohl? Ellis? Hancock? A.Collins?

Who are your FAVORITE? Who do you TRUST the most? Which enthusiests here(domainofman) do you trust the most?

-M: Charles, see the network graphic on my site? I made that from real world poll data gathered from a Slovanian Mensa group. If you go into my 'photos' section, you will see one named 'timurdata', I made this from polling a youth group. The dots represent real people, and the links represent real votes. The colors represent *groups* as determined by the Newman-Girvan algorithm.

Imagine doing such network analysis for independent researchers and their vocal enthusiests. Fun? Interesting?

>-M: My technique finds a locus of trust within a community.(Please forget any preconcieved ideas about 'peer-review'.)

-M: SD2 is a community building technique that mostly describes the relations between the participants, and also finds the locus of trust to suggest the most trusted people for leadership purposes.

Mark, Seattle

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