James Burke was my best teacher.
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That and "The Ascent of Man" were probably the two most informative and enlightening things ever produced for a mass television audience.
For the initiated, Economics is the *only* social science, and the one from which all the physical sciences draw their breath. Once you understand the imagery of the central banking system as the third temple it is pretty easy to trace your steps backward all the way to the Templars. Not to be trite, but just look at our currency- annuit coeptis?, novus ordo seclorum? A pyramid? I won't presume to bore you with a reading list, but suffice to say the proofs are far more than ample- despite Gardiner, the templar and masonic traditions are the yehoshua ones, and the Vatican the Pauline. This dialectic is a false conflict- like terrorism and democracy, that are but a spurious fog to ensure total economic control.

Now, I'm pretty well read in the history of the era and I realize that the next few sentences run the risk of sounding either ill informed or provocative, but...
Wasn't the anticipation of the fall of the Temple the real reason for Herodian withdrawal and the emigration of the Sang Royal? By fall, I mean control by a rival to the Herodian supremacy. I disagree with you on Paul's complicity- not on the grounds of your identification according to type- but for not identifying the schism that occured within the family itself. The death of Yaacov Barabbas (James) and then the immediate invasion by the Romans? As above, so below- where "above" means economic / and "below" means social, physical, bricks and mortar if you will. The apparatus must be destroyed like the scuttling of ships to avoid having such powerful instruments of control fall into rival hands. Masada? Well, I doubt any of the Yehoshua Barabbas loyalists ended up there. Neither did the Paulines.

If Deists such as us refute divinity as the first cause, then wasn't the Temple *the* instrument of economic hegemony, and the religious control a means to that end? In our present times the idea of a free market economy is ludicrous. So is democracy. We only have the cold calculus of slavery and exploitation, and the mocking of the Dialectic. But it sells well! Panum et circum indeed.

The exploitation of technology is so complete at this point, that the means of control is ensuring its carefully controlled dissemination is never interfered with by any new and truly revolutionary technologies. Thus we come around again to the philosopher's stone, and my somewhat pessimistic assertion that if there's anything to it, we won't hear anything about it.

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