Did Thera Explode Before Menes?
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1) Interesting memory about Hercules and Megiddo. I wouldn't place any confidence in the ancient concept of elapsed time.

2) I haven't fully researched the etymology of Genesis, so I couldn't say if that would be reasonable. Isis could take other spellings, such as Ese among the Libyans (as in the name Har-si-ese, Horus son of Isis). I do think there is a word play between Isaac son of Isis/Sarah and Isis. Compare the Greco-Roman (?) form, Isiac, "of/pertaining to Isis".

3) I consider Atlantis to have become a more-or-less world-wide phenomenon. The culture perhaps originated in one place but either colonized other regions or was forced to spread out due to a catastrophe.

With the dynastic period shrinking in duration, it makes the culture that existed on Thera before the eruption even more special. It means that the city excavated on Thera was Atlantean in some way, because the Thera eruption would have been pre-dynastic. Who were these people that lived so luxuriously and so much earlier than the pharaohs? Also, it seems they did not perish with the eruption but relocated somewhere else. Probably the destruction of Thera led to a greater importance of cultural sites in Egypt and Sumer.

Only after yet another catatastrophe ("Noah's Flood") did the dynastic period begin. There may have been another migration at this time by some of the so-called Atlanteans, perhaps even in the Americas. This of course is all very speculative and depends on the latest compression of Old Kingdom history that I've proposed - the reduction in time caused by an identification of Pepi in Egypt with Sargon.