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It always seem to involve gold (or the equivalent), doesn't it?

Gardner's forray into alchemy is a bizarre but interesting one. I give him credit though for publishing something so potentially discrediting. It falls into a category that the recent poster Mark bemoans. How in the world would people on the street be able to evaluate the merit of those ideas? I guess the answer is that we don't. Certainly we are finding strange and wonderful new properties of substances all the time. Certainly strange and wonderful qualities of gold will ultimately be found also. Is Gardner onto something? Who knows.

I agree that there must have been some link between Templars and Masons. It has yet to be proved, but it is the kind of thing we should at least expect.

Do you remember the PBS series called "Connections"? I like that approach to history. Things were a bit more simple in ancient times because the world was so centralized around the ruling family.

We really are moving into unchartered territory in our present age. I do wonder if anybody or anything really is in control, and at various times hope there is or isn't. There is a definite tendency to revert to old ways. The idea of "free market" economy is probably sound in principle, but in practice has become a means of the few to rape the many and also the earth. It does worry me that the gurus of the "New World Order" are economists rather than engineers.

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