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1. you mentioned the greeks are descendants of ham and japeth and that ham is heru the younger/heracules and I was reading about alexander the great saying that hercules defeated people at megiddo but he said this was 6000 years prior to around 300 bc! Do you have an explanation to this very old date and could this be useful?

2. Does Genesis mean Geneology of isis?

3. In the Fatal Flood chapter this was written: "Even Ptah had to agree that the new race was behaving badly, but still argued that the solution was not to drown the baby in the bath water.c The Earth, i.e., Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean Basin was going to be repopulated eventually. Should it not be by the descendants of a man who had shown at least some redeeming qualities? As for the gods themselves, they were abandoning that world and going away. Where they went is somewhat of a mystery. Their own days being short, an extensive rebuilding program in the Old World was not a viable option. Instead, it seems they chose to spend the remainder of their "golden years" in the warmth of the Americas - a Netherworld that was evidently not destroyed by the waters of that particular flood. According to Egyptian beliefs, the gods entered the "beautiful West," which was connected to their world, but could only be reached with considerable difficulty and danger. It was the hope of the Egyptian to follow the gods to that place in death"

Do you think this has anything to do with utla/atlantis and do you believe this happened and if so WHEN?

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