To the pot of gold, of course.
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The part of LG that bogged me down was the whole white powder gold=manna thing, and basically the support and apologia for the divine right of kings. But even that contained a kernel of fact which answers your question: namely that the architecture of political power shifted dramatically after the fall of the second temple.
As to your question: the process of control shifted to the maintenance of three key elements: The control and suppression of technology, the creation and control of fiat money, and the (secret) exploration of the world to exploit natural resources. Here is where I picked up the trail of masonry which was a destabilising force in this control mechanism. Despite Phillip the Fair, Templarism never really went away: like the Herodians, it just changed identities. But the subjugation of kingly prerogatives to the interests of an international banking cartel forever changed the landscape. Not like I've figured the whole thing out yet either. ;)

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