CM#8: "Until All is Fulfilled"

If there is one phrase that fits the bill of ancient royalty it is, "The show must go on". If one king went down, the next would then exercise the traditional prerogative of deciding how that show would recover from a stage collapse and what new actors would step in to fulfill any interrupted roles. There were innumberable ways to script the required performance, but only those in charge could do it.

I love the image Atwill paints of Titus coming from the east and appearing high atop the Mount of Olives with a majestic backdrop of clouds. A series of Herodian Messiahs had fallen, but he had arrived to save the day! God would not fail in bringing to pass everything written by the prophets about his Son.

Josephus wrote that tumult in the city was so great that it was resounded by the encompassing mountains. (See CM, p 176). This recalls the statement attributed to Christ (cum Titus) that if the Jews would not praise him then the rocks themselves would cry out! What audacity!!

Certainly the Roman catapults would have been extremely effective in hurling stones down from the Mount of Olives onto Jerusalem. This deadly rain conjures up other images from mythology of the end of the world brought on by meteorites and the Book of Revelation. It was in fact a seven-year tribulation and the end of the world for many Jews of that time. This aspect is however taken up in more depth in a later chapter (#13) about the Book of Daniel.