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In your older post you said; "Chinese history obviously would not be biased by Western events, but probably has its own set of error sources."

Well, there is a Fomekoian answer for Chinese history, it is western history, converted to Chinese, and probably the most unbelievable item is that the "Great Wall", is also an invention of the 20th century!!!! Hang that on your hat! LOL

But you also wrote "I know it is now vogue among academics to say that David and Solomon did not exist but were literary inventions. I have proved (at least to myself) that all the Old Testament characters were historical and can be linked to persons known from archaeology. So that excludes the Fomenko premise as you express it."

Well, Charles you would be right at home in the Fomenko world!

These personages did exist and there is a lot of evidence to prove it!

Like I have said a number of times, your views and those of Fomenko, are co-related! The only thing keeping you and him apart is the time period you reserve for your characters. After all, most of history is just another version of a Greek Tragedy! Or, King Lear, for example!

Thanks for letting me be heard (or at least read!)!

Oh, as far as reading material, I would recommend the following persons who attempted to revise history;

Sir. I. Newton,
Jean Hardouin (1646-1729,
Robert Bauldorf,
Willhelm Kammeier, and
Uwe Topper.

Most of Fomenko can be purchased from any online bookseller, suprisingly, at discount prices!! LOL There is also the book from the creators of the website, mentioned earlier entitled "The Medieval Empire of the Israelites"! By, Robert Grishin and Vladimir Melamed.

Related material, that does not really change chronology but does challenge the currently accepted method of thinking, is;

Atlantis of the North, by Jurgen Spanuth

The Baltic Origins of Homer's Epic Tales, by Felice Vinci and and, called Troy in Cambridge, by Iman Wilkins!

And, because of the mass appeal and research presented I would recommend Baigent and Leigh's works. HBHG, etc.

The above three books do not change timelines or current chronolgy to any great degree, but do try and answer many of the great critisms of Homer's epics! IE, the current place does not fit the dialogue!

Any of the works of Shakespeare or Bacon, or any of the stories supposedly sung or acted by the troubadors, minstrels, bards etc. (think Homer)!

I certainly recommend Michael Hoffman, and his "egodeath" pages! A man of great intelligence, much like you Charles!


Also, if you think that any of the currently accepted chronology fits, up to the 18th cent. CE, then you need to look at the various sites concerning the history of salt and sea level rise or fall! It might just change you way of thinking entirely?

Also read this one discussion;

Feel free to check out the sources!

Oh! I was about to finish without mentioning Edwin Johnson's works! See;

And this;

Expect to hear from you in about three years! LOL

Regards, and thanks for letting me post!

I shall no longer try to intersperse these wild ideas into your site! Well, maybe not? LOL

Ronald L. Hughes (getting closer to a beach view each day.)