History of Fomenko
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Actually it was Oscar that first introduced Fomenko to me on this forum way back in September of 2003.

I made a brief sortie on the subject and responded to Oscar's post.

Ron, you began promoting Fomenko in the Spring of 2004 and have occasionally "nagged" us about it ever since!

I know it is now vogue among academics to say that David and Solomon did not exist but were literary inventions. I have proved (at least to myself) that all the Old Testament characters were historical and can be linked to persons known from archaeology. So that excludes the Fomenko premise as you express it.

I wouldn't go so far as to say Fomenko is not worth studying. I would like to do so myself. It's just not high on priority list at the moment. Perhaps it is becoming more relevant now that I've moved into New Testament and Roman studies. What is your recommended source(s) for purchasing Fomenko? (I'm not saying I'm going to do it immediately! Give me at least three more years on that.)

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