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Charles, repectfully, your words "the little I have read of Fomenko's theory has not inspired me to read more.", tend to say it all! It is the word "little" that tends to snuff out your lust to understand, because you may have only read negative information, which, being controlled by the establishment, tends to lend a negative bent to any and all sites of controversy, such as the one we are now speaking on!

If you took the time, that is, bought the two books that are now availabe in paperback, Vol. I, and II, of "History, Fiction or Science", and then you had a review of medieaval history 101 and 102, and some brief study of the late middle ages, etc., then you would be set to prove Fomenko and me wrong.

You, at this point in time, cannot see it, but your work enhances the understanding of Fomenko's revision, since he believes the so called "ancient Egypt", is but a product of the middle ages and the great kings, khans, Tsars, etc., that have been arbitrarily or accidentially removed into the distant past.

Hey, both books will only set you back about thirty five bucks! But if you do not want to spend then look at a site devoted (mostly) to discussions of the subject. If you are interested the site address is This is the discussion page, other links will take you to some interesting treatise!


Ronbo! LOL

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