Books on the Apostle Paul

There are a surprising number of excellent books on Paul that are in print. I've purchased the following for my own research:

1) In Search of Paul (2004) by John Crosan and Jonathan Reed. This book is co-written by a Biblical exegete (Crossan) and a Biblical archaeologist (Reed). This is an excellent companion to Caesar's Messiah by Joseph Atwill in that it makes a detailed comparison between Caesar as Lord and Jesus as Lord. It also gives a detailed description of Rome's control over religious cults. I especially like the insight this book gives into the deliberate recruitment by Paul of Gentiles attached to diaspora synagogues.

2) Paul the Founder of Christianity (2002) by Gerd Ludemann. Good overview of modern critical analysis of Acts and Pauline Epistles from a non-Christian perspective.

2) The Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity (1886) by Hyam Maccoby. More critical analysis of Paul, this one from a Jewish Talmudic scholar.

3) Paul: The Mind of the Apostle (1997) by A.N. Wilson. Wilson approaches Paul as a biographer rather than as an exegete. The emphasis is on the Greco-Roman context of Paul's life and on Paul rather than Jesus as the founder of Christianity.

4) Saint Paul (1976) by Michael Grant. This is a classic by the Greco-Roman historian Michael Grant who died in 2004. Many of his titles have been reprinted by Barnes & Noble.

5) The Gospel According to Paul (2004) by Robin Griffith-Jones. The author is presently "Master of the Temple Church of London". I've yet to delve into this one. It appears to be pro-Christian but comprehensively researched. According to the review on the back cover, "he makes the case that Paul is hardly the alleged innovator of a new religion for Gentiles".

6) The Gnostic Paul (1975) by Elaine Pagels.

I have seen the following titles in the bookstore, but did not purchase them:

1) Paul: In Fresh Perspective (2006) by N.T. Wright.

Apparently an update of his earlier book: "What Saint Paul Really Said: Was Paul of Tarsus the Real Founder of Christianity?"

2) Paul of Tarsus (2005) by Edward Stourton. A Catholic investigative journalist takes on Paul.

3) Rabbi Paul (2004) by Bruce Chilton. Sequel to Rabbi Jesus.

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