This Quarter's KMT Journal

There is a fascinating article in the Spring '06 issue of KMT titled:

"The Cripple, the Queen & the Man from the North"

It's about the final three pharaohs of the 19th Dynasty, the first pharaoh of the 20th Dynasty, and a mysterious interloper called Chancellor Bay, a.k.a., Ramses-kha-em-netjer.

An excerpt reads: "... thanks to years of patient study and the inspired insight of French scholar Pierre Grandet, further data relating to Bay's death came to light in February 2000, when two fragments of a single ostracon were joined together; the resulting information can only be described as sensational. The reverse side of Ifao Ostracon 1864 contained an announcement delivered to the Deir el Medina workers by the Scribe of the Tomb, Paser: 'Year 5, 3rd month of Shemu, day 27: This day, the Scribe of the Tomb, Paser, has come to announce: 'Pharaoh, Life! Prosperity! Health! has killed the great enemy, Bay'."

The pharaoh in question is believed to have been either Siptah or Twosret. Unfortunately I do not have access to the cited French article ("L'Execution du Chancelier Bay (O. Ifao 1864)", BIFAO 200, 2000) published by Pierre Grandet. Nor do I know if Egyptologists accept his piecing together of clay fragments. Maybe we'll get some additional insight from letters to the editor in the next issue.

If the inscription is valid that would certainly help to better determine the chronology of this very chaotic period. See Charts 27-29 of my on-line book (found under Part III). I associate Bay with the Libyan pharoah Takelot III and Assyrian king Tiglath-pileser III, which explains why Bay was able to claim that he (as the superior) had placed Siptah on the throne of his father. I was also able to deduce that Takelot III was poisoned as part of a conspiracy formed against him by other leading royals.