Now We Will Learn Who's the Best!

Hi Mark,

Must be a fun youth group that you lead!

Certainly the Internet search engines have invented new ways of ranking web sites. People are "voting" with their mouse clickers all the time.

In the publishing world, new companies have sprung up to tap the alternative market, such as Inner Traditions that reprints Ahmed Osman's books.

Alternative history/religion/science researchers are I think by nature very independent and tend not to seek out alliances that might restrict their thinking. And those who do want a partner may not get one. When I started my work I went to various professional meetings but found no one interested. So I hacked my way forward alone. I have now done the part that requires a solitary mind. It would likely be detrimental in the long run to take it much further. However, history shows that this is what typically happens. The pioneer keeps on going until he meets with disaster.