Re: Apostles and Twelve Tribes

I've made a first attempt at this by recognizing that Herod the Great tried to project himself as a Jacob-Israel figure. Have you studied the new supplements (and associated charts) to the on-line book? They are tacked onto the table of contents page.

The New Testament strives to make Jesus a member of the "House of Joseph" just as Tut/Elisha was a member of the New Kingdom House of Yuya/Joseph. I see Judas Iscariot as playing the role of Panehesy/Jeroboam in the former era. As the son of Aye, Panehesy was a member of the New Kingdom "House of Judah". There was cooperation between the two lines of Judah and Joseph, but also a natural rivalry. In the end, it was Aye and Panehesy that "betrayed" Tut and put him to death thus ending the line of Joseph at that time.