Re: Controversial Authors are Winning

So, if any of you have been able to see all of the representations of this radical facist cleric, then you might be able to see some relationships to other clerics, who might more likely to have been considered as Christian. For one, think of or look up one of the most famous of Christian clerics. His name is or was Pope Gregory VII, the Hildebrande! All you have to see is the flaming head or face of Machamed! Just do the word plays and cross checks!

But, besides this comparison, where is the outrage over these sites? Where is the condemnation, and as of right now, a million dollar "dead or", well forget it, just dead will do" reward for those who drew or painted all of those images you have now seen?

Maybe the "prophet" himself will kill them in the after life, if he can tear himself away from all of his "virgins!?"

Bet this post might be censored!