Controversial Authors are Winning *LINK*

>Ron: Well, I really meant to say, yes I can imagine it, but I do not believe it can happen here.[...]But here, or in England, no way! There would have to be a revolution, on the order of the French one, for that to happen, we whould have to "off the heads" of those entrenched in power, as a crude example!

-M: Yucko! We (USA) already had our revolution so that we don't have to have a French-style revolution. We won. Sure, the ruling families still have power, but not as much as the people do.

>Ron: Sure you might get a multi-millionare who could substain a small college, but who would let their kids come?

-M: Time and time again one of the great liberators is technology. You have a point here about financing (an entrenchment that occurs with establishment schools is corporate grants), but all that is needed is correspondence course curricula (cd-roms, books, online courses.) The residential component could be a symposia.

>Ron: It suffices to say that right now and for the forseeable future, the only place for real radical thought about history is right here on the internet.

-M: It may be the best place, but its not the only place. I have books by R.Ellis and A.Osman that I bought OFF THE SHELF of large bookstores. I didn't even have to special order. This is FREEDOM.

>Ron: And if we/they started to infect a large enough percentage of the population,...

-M: The population already is infected as evidenced by the books that are on the shelves of large mainstream bookstores.

>Ron: I think that, we/they might be seen as a threat to national security, and other strange things. The persecutions, or inquisitions might well begin again! Ron

-M: Controversial takes on history is already seen as a threat. The fact that persecutions and inquisitions are NOT occuring shows that we are already WINNING.

Mark, Seattle

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